MM1b – Essentials In Fillers Injection (Malaysia)

  • Course level: Beginner

About Course

Date: 16 January 2022
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CPD/CME: 7 accredited hours


*This course will take place in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur*

This is a one-day hands-on course and it is part of our Fellowship Programme. 

Our 1 day training will be based on the latest insights in risk level of facial injections, we teach inexperienced physicians the facial indications that will have the lowest chance of serious adverse events. For example, we immediately start teaching use of non-traumatic cannulas as they are associated with lower risk of adverse events than sharp needles.

The first theoretical part covers hyaluronic acid. We will cover the mechanism of action, needle vs cannulas, infection prevention, low risk indications (cheeks, nasolabial folds, lips, oral commisures), choice of product, contra-indications, complications and management of complications).

We will assess the acquired knowledge with a multiple choice questions examination. The delegates have the opportunity to have the failed questions explained to them.

After lunch, the practical sessions will cover hands-on injecting on live patients with hyaluronic acid fillers. We will guide the delegates step by step through the injection process and we will assess the practical competence with an objective structured assessment on technical skills (OSATS).

With both MCQ and OSATS passed, a certificate of successful completion of the course will be awarded to the delegate.

NOTE: We will provide ECAMS logbooks upon succesful completion which is required for your LCP application.

Our qualified trainers are prominent physicians who own and operate a succesful practice and have many years of experience. ECAMS offers the support, resources and consent forms and product sourcing to help you get started!

What Will I Learn?

  • Introduction to dermal fillers
  • Patient selection
  • Facial anatomy
  • Injection technique
  • Contraindications

Topics for this course

7 Lessons8h

Course Lecture

Course Lecture1:39:47

Practical Video

About the instructors

Dr. Alice has 25 years of experience in total as a Physician and 10 years of experience as an Aesthetic Physician. After 10 years of experience with the government in the field of gynocology , Dr Alice embarked on training herself to practice cosmetic surgery and medicine and anti aging medicine, in a holistic way in her 3 centres in Malaysia. Dr. Alice is renowned for her many expertise on procedures like Dermatological Laser with no down time such as Breast Enhancement & Lifting using Auto Logous Cell Enhanced Fat Transfers, Threadlift, Laser Vaginoplasty, Thermage Lifting (Eyes, Face & Body), Laser Lipolysis, Ultrasound Assisted Lipo-selection, Varicose Veins Endovenous Laser Treatment, Non-invasive Body Sculpturing, Hair Restoration with Follicular Unit Transplant, PAL Assisted Advanced Body Sculpting and Non-Surgical Tummy Tuck, to name a few, among other services she is able to provide. A pioneer doctor in her field of expertise, her centres in Malaysia is best known for the skin rejuvenation and Anti-aging therapy by Autologous Growth Factors derived from patient's own blood cell or fat derived from liposuction. Dr Alice also believes in sharing knowledge and is an international speaker who has done numerous workshops in association with the anti aging , aesthetic and regenerative society of Malaysia. She also works as a appointed trainer for various cosmetic brands. Dr. Alice has forums and articles published in newspapers and magazines of all languages, often appearing on TV programmes regularly to create awareness for the public in regards to health and women wellness programmes. Dr Alice has launched into various research to keep updated with the latest medical treatments, technologies as well as developing own health related products including anti aging and skin and hair growth related products.
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Material Includes

  • Certificate CME/CPD accredited

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